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COVID-19 update – re-opening of Byron Aged Care


Having completed a routine weekly review of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and following review of the current status of community virus transmission rates, we have chosen to re-open Byron Aged Care, effective from today (August 19, 2020).

This will be a cautious re-opening restricted to one visitor, for one hour, once a day.

Every visitor:

  • will be screened upon entry
  • must conduct hand hygiene upon entry and exit from our facility
  • must have a current immunisation for influenza,
  • cannot visit if unwell
  • must maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • may only visit their loved one, and do so in their room or an outside area of our facility
  • must wear a mask
  • cannot enter if they have been to the currently listed Victorian (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) or New South Wales (NSW) Health listed hotspots.

We will continue to facilitate phone calls, Skype or other forms of communication for you with your loved ones. Should you wish to organise a time to make contact, please call 02 6685 6728.

If you have returned from one the declared hotspots, interstate or from overseas, you will be denied entry to Byron Aged Care unless you have documented evidence of COVID-19 negative status and any fulfilled quarantine or isolation requirements.

Importantly, we currently have no confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases at Byron Aged Care, or any of our other facilities.

One of the important lessons we have learned from the sad situation in Melbourne is should a positive COVID-19 case be detected, our residents will need to be moved quickly within the facility. This means your loved one may need to move rooms to allow for their own, or another resident’s isolation needs. We would endeavour to inform you prior to any such move, noting this may not be possible in the circumstances, given the rapid and effective grouping and movement of residents into positive and negative case areas, known as ‘cohorting’, is of crucial importance.

Any necessary moves will be conducted with sensitivity and due care, noting they will need to occur quickly to protect our residents and staff.

As per our standard practice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, special consideration involving contact and visitation rights, will be awarded to those whose loved one is nearing the end of their life.

A phone is being manned 24/7 by our senior nursing officer. Should you have any concerns or otherwise, please do not hesitate to call 1800 1800 23 or call the facility on 02 6685 6728.

Finally, we are working hard to ensure all of our staff do not work across any other aged care facilities.

We thank you for your time and patience at this challenging time.



COVID-19 update – re-opening of Byron Aged Care


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