Recreational activities at Byron Aged Care

Our Byron Aged Care Leisure and Lifestyle Co-ordinator runs an interactive monthly program catering to the leisure-related interests of our residents, including, but not limited to:

  • Allowing residents to continue, with our support, to pursue their personal hobbies and interests
  • Allowing residents to reconnect with their respective communities, and to continue to maintain this connection with our support. For example, if a resident was a former lifeguard, s/he can continue (within reason) to be part of that community
  • Weekly bus trip (often with lunch, such as fish and chips or a lunch at the local club)
  • Arts and craft plus cooking classes
  • Exercise class, including Tai Chi, yoga and physical games such as chair tennis, bowling, golf and gardening
  • Bingo and card games
  • Reminiscence, group discussion and news/quiz sessions
  • Church services/clergy visits and holy communion
  • Movie sessions
  • Sing-along and other forms of entertainment from the broader community
  • Pamper sessions (nail care)
  • Recognition of cultural days (ANZAC Day, Birthdays, and Happy Hour)
  • Individual activities – wheelchair walks to the beach, conversation, emotional and psychological support
  • Extensive in-house library of hard copy books, talking books and DVDs – the local library also provides a monthly service catering to individual readership preferences
  • An annual Christmas concert involving a variety of performers
  • Monthly resident meetings.

Our residents and their families have some glowing things to say about us:

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