How Aged Care Facilities Work


Prior to admission to an Aged Care facility, like Byron Aged Care, all prospective residents, including respite residents, must be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The Toll free ACAT number is 1300 884 850 and the direct line to Tweed ACAT Team, who look after Byron is (07) 5536 8283. ACAT assessors provide an ACCR (Aged Care Client Record) which gives the Government and the Aged Care facility approval for residential care.


The overall processes of how to access permanent residential or respite care, what you can expect and the associated costs are outlined on the Government’s website:

There are a great variety of types of Aged Care facilities:

  • Private Companies who may seek to make a profit
  • Facilities run by churches or welfare bodies like the RSL.
  • Community-based non-profit facilities managed by a community based Board of Management. Byron Aged Care is such a facility.


A glossary of aged care terms are provided at this site: