COVID-19 Update 09/03/20

COVID-19 Update 09/03/20

As you are aware there has been a new viral outbreak termed Coronavirus also referred to as COVID-19, and as you would be aware our elderly population are at high risk. We are currently working in partnership with Health Authorities to ensure we are equipped for the current and emerging COVID-19.

Byron Aged Care has formed a Governance Committee to manage and take appropriate prompt actions to ensure the wellness of our residents and staff is paramount. Byron Aged Care will be meeting weekly and disbursing information on COVID-19 and the steps we are taking as an organisation, keeping everyone informed as this situation continues to evolve. Should there be any significant changes with COVID-19 between our standard correspondence, we will reach out to inform you.

The following immediate steps have been taken by Byron Aged Care to protect our residents, staff and affiliates:
• Byron Aged Care conducts annual infection control training for all staff. We are currently retraining all staff, and this will be finalised at the end of March. This training will include; hand hygiene, personal protective equipment usage, high-level cleaning specific to outbreaks and respiratory hygiene.
• Plans and instructions are in place for staff who have previously travelled overseas or for those who have upcoming travel.
• A review of signage and availability of handwashing stations in all facilities
• A review of all resident contact details and;
• All staff will immediately advise their supervisor if they are concerned a resident, client, visitor, contractor or colleague has signs of respiratory illness.

If you have been or are feeling unwell, please do not visit clients until your full health has returned. If you have travelled to any of the affected countries within the last thirty days, we ask that you manage and report your health status according to the directions listed on the Australian Government website:

It is a requirement that all visitors to any of our sites conduct hand hygiene and you will notice signs and equipment at all entrances and exits. Should you have any concerns or require further information please contact your Centre Manager, Director of Care or appropriate Case Manager.

For further information contact:
Bess Brennan, Byron Aged Care Marketing & Media Manager or 0438438893