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Annie Crowley

My mother, Eileen, was fiercely independent, in her mid 80’s after being alone for some 22 years following the loss of my father. Her 6 children had grown to be strong adults, independent like herself. She liked her own company and was very comfortable in herself. It was unthinkable to both her and me that she should leave her home for an Aged Care Home. Then everything changed. After her first stroke I managed to convince the hospital doctors and staff to let me care for her at home citing quality of life over longevity. However the first stroke was followed by a series of minor stokes resulting in Mum needing 24 x 7 care. Byron Aged Care was recommended to me by a very close friend. Fortunately they were able to accommodate her when we needed.

From day one I was surprised and grateful for the dignity their care and consideration allowed her. I had the freedom to make her room hers with cherished photographs and memorabilia. Within days she was sitting out in the sunshine watching the birds in the courtyard tree. She was happy. She loved the food and whilst it took her some time to participate in the many activities when she did she really enjoyed herself. She especially liked the bus rides. She seemed to find comfort in talking to people her own age. She knew all the staff by first names and had a kind word for each, kind words which were very deserved. The only question I am now left is, should I have introduced her to this new life earlier.

Thank you Byron Aged Care.